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A2Z Medical centre offers a complete and comprehensive range of cosmetic treatments using the latest, highly sophisticated technology. We have a highly experienced team of doctors and beauticians that work hand in hand to provide the best quality service. Our focus is on each individual, and careful consideration is given to each patient’s needs. We have a wide range of cosmetic services to chose from.

We offer cosmetic injections,
facial peels, skin rejuvenation, skin lesion removal, skin resurfacing and skin consultation services. Visit us or call to find out more.

Our Services 

Cosmetic Injections

• Anti-Wrinkle Injections

• Muscle Relaxant

• Dermal Fillers

Muscle Relaxant

Facial Peel

• Light Peel

• Jessner Peel

• TCA Peel


Skin Lesion Removals

• Skin Tags

• Broken Capillaries

• Fibroma

• Age Spots

• Warts

• Mole Removal

• Cholestrol Deposits / Xanthelasnma

Skin Resurfacing & Rejuvenation

• Photo Rejuvenation

• Puffy Eyes

• Pigmentation

• Acne Scars

Mole Removal

Cosmetic Injections

Cosmetic Injections

Cosmetic Facial Peels

Facial Peel

Cosmetic Skin Lesion

Skin Lesion Removals

Cosmetic Skin Resurfacing

Skin Resurfacing and Rejuvenation

Pfizer Vaccine will be available from 12th July 2021
Practice Hours: Monday – Thursday: 9am – 6 : 30pm | Saturday & Sunday: 9am – 5pm