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The medical field is constantly growing and evolving with new break throughs being catalogued each day. One of these major breakthroughs is called the PRP procedure which stands for Platelet Rich Plasma. The PRP is a non-operative procedure that is completed by injecting the patient’s blood into a damaged part of their body to aide healing.

The PRP has become popular for several reasons including the fact that it is not as expensive as many other treatments on the market. A major selling factor for the PRP procedure is that it relieves pain by promoting long lasting healing of musculoskeletal conditions. This means that the procedure is not a quick fix but one which benefits the patient for a longer period unlike other options.

How it works?

This procedure is possible because of the components within the blood such as platelets which contain proteins called growth factors. These growth factors are essential components within the blood that are very important in the healing of injuries. The platelets are taken from the blood which is drawn from the body and put through a procedure known as centrifugation. Once the blood has been separated and prepared, it is then injected into the problem site.

This process potentially speeds up the healing of an injury because the increase in blood flow aids the healing process. This is possible because the increased blood flow allows for the regeneration of collagen to strength the area which is trying to repair itself. Unlike other procedures which either do not help or can only offer short term aid, the PRP boast a longer period of pain relief.

Who can benefit?

The PRP procedure is considered a break through because alongside its ability to speed up healing, it can also be used for a range of issues. These areas include: chronic tendon issues, tennis elbow, acute ligament and muscle injuries as well as knee arthritis. Recently, doctors have also begun using it to speed up the recovery time for surgery and fractures. Its far-reaching abilities means that it is beneficial for many people including professional athletes and those with wounds which are difficult to heal, PRP has also been used for hair growth.


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