Rehab specialist

Pain & Rehab Specialist

What is Pain & rehab Management?

Pain is a from top to bottom subjective condition as everyone feels pain differently. Consequently, pain conditions can be difficult to diagnose. While several people are suited to perform daily tasks with a certain level of pain, others may find their condition to be too troublesome and completely debilitating, leaving them on bed rest or fading away their independence. Similarly, some may explain their pain as dull or throbbing, stabbing or piercing, and others with more unique conditions may describe the pain they are experiencing in terms of distinctive sensations like extreme heaviness, burning, or itch.

Our pain management physicians will work one-on-one with you to recognize your individual pain, evaluating factors, such as duration, intensity, type, source, or location in the body. They may also consider issues like threshold and pain tolerance in initial assessment to provide you with an accurate diagnosis. Through an interdisciplinary approach – which combines multiple fields of study from medical to behavioral management and beyond – and an individualized treatment plan, we’ll aid you gain control over the pain and find relief, promising that a better quality of life is possible.

How much does it cost?

There are 3 different methods of payment, they include: 

EPC: Patients with chronic diseases are entitled to 5 EPC visits a year for any allied health practitioner, these payments are covered by medicare, however in order to use an EPC you must be referred from a general practitioner   

Private health funds: Here at A2Z Medical we accept all private health funds. Depending on your type of cover you maybe entitled to a number of visits. please note that some covers may charge a gap payment depending on your level of cover.

Private visits: consultation for private patients costs $60

Our Payment options include

  • EPC
  • Private health funds
  • Private consultations
  • Compensations
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