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What is Physiotherapy? 

Through the use of evidence based, natural methods such as exercise, adapted equipment, education, motivation and advocacy, physiotherapy seeks to rehabilitate and improve the physical well being of patients with movement disorders resulting from disease or injury,

Based on the study of medical science subjects including physiology, neuroscience and anatomy, physiotherapists study to develop skills and knowledge necessary for physical health education, injury prevention, and the diagnosis and treatment of patients with physical disorders or disabilities.

Treatments our physiotherapists prescribe?

Following assessment, a physiotherapist will devise a treatment plan which takes into account your general health, activities and lifestyle. Common treatments include:

  • Exercise programs designed to strengthen muscles and improve mobility.

  • Joint manipulation to reduce stiffness and pain, and to improve flexibility.

  • Muscle re-education to improve control and prevent further or reoccurring injury.

  • Soft tissue massage and mobilisation.

  • Taping and strapping to improve control.

  • Mobility aids such as crutches or walking sticks.

  • Hydrotherapy.

  • Acupuncture.

  • Electrotherapy - including ultrasound, diathermy, transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation (TENS) and laser therapy.


Physio & Compensation? 

At A2Z Medical we specialise in CTP and workers compensation claims. Part of our ‘back on track

plans’includes physiotherapy treatment in which we introduce a physiotherapy treatment to your

management plans in order to help you get back to your pre-accident state.  


Why Us? 

At A2Z medical centre we have a dedicated teams of physiotherapists that look after you from the start of you injury until your recovery.

Our physios will asses, diagnose and treat your injuries as well as educate you on how to avoid the injury from reoccurring.

Because our physiotherapy clinic is located within a medical centre our physiotherapists work hand in hand with experienced doctors and other allied health specialist helping you on a speedy recovery.

A2Z medical centre was established in 1998 in 2005 we introduced our first physiotherapist, over 10 years on we now have 3 physiotherapist working including 2 female and 1 male physio 4 times a week.


NDIS & Physiotherapy 

The National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) is a national framework designed to support people living with disability and their families by ensuring they have access to the services they require.

A2Z Medical Centre is registered under the NDIS to provide services to the Sydney region.

How much does it cost? 

There are 3 different methods of payment, they include: 

EPC: Patients with chronic diseases are entitled to 5 EPC visits a year for any allied health practitioner, these payments are covered by medicare, however in order to use an EPC you must be referred from a general practitioner   

Private health funds: Here at A2Z Medical we accept all private health funds. Depending on your type of cover you maybe entitled to a number of visits. please note that some covers may charge a gap payment depending on your level of cover.

Private visits: consultation for private patients costs $60

Our Payment options include

  • EPC
  • NDIS
  • Private health funds
  • Private consultations
  • Compensations
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